Kementerian Pelajaran dicadangkan menukar pakaian seragam pelajar perempuan bagi menangani jenayah seksual melibatkan remaja dan hubungan seks sebelum perkahwinan dalam kalangan mereka.Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) berkata, kementerian boleh menukar baju putih kepada baju berwarna kerana ia tampak sesuai dan tidak jarang untuk dipakai oleh pelajar perempuan."Baju berwarna putih sangat jarang untuk dipakai oleh pelajar perempuan menyebabkan ada daya tarikan di situ," kata pemimpin wanita PKPIM, Munirah Bahari hari ini."Lebih-lebih lagi ia (baju jarang) akan mengganggu mata lelaki, sama ada suka melihatnya atau pun tidak. Baju berwarna putih itu tidak sesuai dipakai oleh pelajar perempuan di sekolah kerajaan."
Di sinilah punca yang boleh kita saksikan bahawa pelajar perempuan itu sendiri mempunyai daya tarikan supaya lelaki mendekatinya."Oleh itu terjadilah perkara-perkara seperti pencabulan, penzinaan dan sebagainya."Beliau mencadangkan kementerian menilai semula secepat mungkin baju seragam sekolah untuk pelajar perempuan.Jika kementerian ingin mengekalkan seragam warna putih, katanya, PKPIM mencadangkan pelajar perempuan diwajibkan memakai singlet dalam atau tudung yang labuh kerana ia tampak lebih kemas, selesa dan selamat."Kami mengharapkan agar Kementerian Pelajaran bertindak tegas dalam menangani isu ini dan rombakan perlu dilakukan ke atas pemakaian pelajar perempuan demi memenuhi syariat dan tuntutan agama Islam," kata Munirah, naib presiden hal ehwal wanita PKPIM, dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.Beliau juga berkata, sikap pelajar perempuan yang tidak tegas menjadikan mereka mangsa cabul."Apa yang terjadi sekarang ialah mereka tidak tegas dan membiarkan diri mereka diperlakukan apa-apa sahaja oleh sesiapa," katanya.Isu yang melibatkan keselamatan diri remaja, tegas Munirah, perlu diberikan perhatian oleh semua pihak."Namun begitu, isu ini dilupakan seketika (sekarang) apabila laporan sebegini tidak lagi tersiar di dada-dada akhbar."Sebaliknya isu ini akan menjadi panas apabila ada mangsa terbaru dilaporkan," tambahnya."Pakaian yang sopan dan menutup aurat boleh mencegah dan melindungi wanita daripada berlaku sebarang perkara yang tidak diingini."


ezrazlin May 22, 2008 at 6:08 PM  

there's a new party in town called 'Keadilan 2'..come cek it out ekeke..! klau nak tahu..mai blog sy!

ezrazlin May 22, 2008 at 6:09 PM  

seksi ke baju sekolah budak perempuan?
klau yg baju kurung tuh..nampak dalam kan?

airinie May 22, 2008 at 8:02 PM  

Cik Munirah,
I am a proud Muslim too. But where and how did you get the facts that white school uniform is the reason for pre-marital sex? How many percent? Where is your baseline?Please publish your facts and findings so that the general Malaysian public is aware before you make statements like this.

FYI, I was actually shocked with your the statement for blaming (1) thin white school uniforms (2) blaming school girls luring man into sex. You and I know that this is not the grassroot for the problem about pre-martial sex.

However, if you have substantial facts and finding -- then, we seriously need to look at our "parenting", "educational" and "sex-education" system - and it's not about having THICKER COLOURFUL PURDAH school uniforms. If kids (boys or girls) wants to have pre-martial sex, they will still do it regardless of what school uniform they are wearing. Semua bergantung kepada Iman. Iman tak kuat, agama tak kuat, cannot distinguish what is right or wrong, no proper parenting and educational awareness is the main cause, i believe.

Azrul Mohd Khalib May 23, 2008 at 12:36 AM  


Dear Ms. Munirah,

May I first say that though I respect your personal opinion on this matter and that you are certainly entitled to it, your recent statement as vice-president and head of the womens' wing of the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam
Malaysia (PKPIM) makes it necessary for there to be a response of some magnitude (as you have probably seen in recent media reports and numerous blogs).

Let me state from the onset to avoid any later misunderstanding that I am a Malaysian Malay Muslim man. I have been involved in the discussion of such issues as the one you brought up, for more than 10 years now.

As I see it there are two assertions which need to be addressed per your original statement on this matter. Firstly,
regarding the white school uniform and secondly, female students lack of assertiveness.

Let me say that linking the white school uniform to issues of rape, adultery and even prostitution as indicated in your statement is naive, simplistic and erroneous. You recommended that the colour of the school uniform be changed to remove the source of attraction (daya tarikan) for men. Do you honestly believe that just changing the colour of the baju kurung, wearing a singlet within or wearing a tudung labuh (which I presume you suggest so that it covers a girl's chest) would be lebih kemas, selesa dan selamat. Maybe it is lebih kemas and selesa but "lebih selamat"?

What proof do you have to support the assertion you make that wearing clothing in the Muslim tradition or changing its colour will make it safer or as you put it, "pakaian yang sopan dan menutup aurat boleh mencegah dan melindungi wanita daripada berlaku sebarang perkara yang tidak diingini." You suggest that the Ministry of Education change the colour of the uniform. If white is not suitable and too , what other colour would you suggest? Blue or brown like some school's prefect uniform? What colour would you consider to be "less attractive" to male eyes?

Ms. Munirah. Did you know that there is a disturbing trend has been observed where a lot of Malay men find it a thrill to have sex with a girl wearing a tudung. There is a reason why quite a few pornographic handphone videos out in cyberspace now involve girls wearing tudungs. Would you suggest then that women should not wear tudung? The clothing a woman wears should not and is not the issue.

You mention that the lack of assertiveness by girls themselves makes them victims of rape. You imply that they were perhaps allowing for the rape to happen or even had it coming: "Apa yang terjadi sekarang ialah mereka tidak tegas dan membiarkan diri mereka diperlakukan apa-apa sahaja oleh sesiapa"

The two issues you pointed out (the colour of the uniform and girl's lack of assertiveness) seem to indicate that you place the blame of rape, adultery and prostitution onto women and girl's themselves. Why do you do so? Do you perhaps think that those women and girls who have survived or have died because of rape were already looking for it and deserved it? It certainly seems so from the statement published: "Di sinilah punca yang boleh kita saksikan
bahawa pelajar perempuan itu sendiri mempunyai daya tarikan supaya lelaki mendekatinya."Oleh itu terjadilah perkara-perkara seperti pencabulan, penzinaan dan sebagainya." Are you that sheltered from the realities of life?

It seems that you may not know of the brutal rape and murder case of Noor Suzaily Mokhtar, a 24 year old computer engineer who was raped, sodomised and murdered in a bus in 2000. Hanafi Mat Hassan, the driver of the bus, was found guilty of raping and murdering Noor Suzaily. He was sentenced to death for the murder and ordered to be given 12
strokes for the rape. Noor Suzaily was wearing "pakaian yang sopan dan menutup aurat." Her clothes did not prevent nor protect her from being raped.

Rape is a violent crime and is an exercise of power by men and their desire to subjugage those weaker and smaller than them. The way women dress is not the cause of rape.

By saying what you did and believing it, you are contributing to the misconception of men which excuses them from actions such as domestic violence, incest, sexual violence, rape, molestation. You point the finger at girls and
women as being intentionally provocative to men. You indicate that men cannot help themselves and really the girls themselves are to blame. You dishonour the memories of not only Noor Suzaily but the many women and girls who have
been and continue to be victims of sexual violence.

Your statement is clear evidence that we must work not only to change the attitudes of men but we must also change the mindset of women acting as moral guardians who are every ready to go after their fellow sisters. As you are also a leader in your own right, I urge you to take the lead in changing society's attitudes towards women by making a public commitment to treat women as fellow human beings of equal worth, respect and dignity.

You obviously had good intentions when you issued this statement and thought that it was your duty as a good Muslim woman to bring forth this issue to the attention of the Ministry of Education. I applaud your concern for the personal safety of women and girls, and I hope that this episode does not discourage your interest in social issues.

However, I must say to you that the result of your environment and upbringing may have provided you with a blinkered view of the world. Open your mind, talk to organisations such as AWAM (All Women's Action Society), WAO (Women's Aid Organisation) or Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) and please don't forget that the road to hell is also littered with good intentions.

mohamad May 23, 2008 at 7:25 AM  

semoga Allah melindungi kita semua dan memberi kekuatan kepada kita semua untuk menegakkan perkara kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran.

saya fikir cadangan ini adalah satu dari langkah untuk mencegah kemungkaran. saya tiada masalah langsung mengenai cadangan ini. syabas!

sakiinah (",) May 24, 2008 at 11:52 PM  

I respect your concern about the society nowadays but please stop being judgemental =judge+mental and simply make conclusion like that.

If its realllly true, then i would have been rape ages ago. And what about those case of grannies being raped? That kid who was raped, murdered and thrown like some rubbish, they don't even wear baju kurung at that moment.

Sex crime do not happen because of what you wear. It can happen to ANYONE regardless of RACE, SEX & whatsoever 'baju kurung' you wear.

It all boils down to us, the person itself, alias..IMAN...those who do not have faith or try to protect they faith or strengthen their faith and amal maaruf nahi mungkar, as u know, avoid whats wrong and do whats right.

It doesnt take any vice president of some Islamic society to think this, i am no Al Azhar born or something but i think its rather baseless and childish to simply assume that 'baju kurung sexy' is that cause.

Sorry, but i don't think that any organization should use 'islam' in their names unless u are darn sure u can make it to heaven and so perfect to sell 'islam' name and claim how proud u are to be a muslim. I am proud but not as proud to proudly say that, remember, proud is an act of shaytan.

Just like Islamic bank, then does that means there have to be qafir banks? Money goes around, even the money from the qafir banks is circulated to 'islamic' banks.

FYI, those transparent types were altered by the owner , some could not afford to buy good materials, some just purposely like to wear like tha.

Its not the ministry to review but ourselves to review. Wallahualam.

HafizAdam May 25, 2008 at 12:13 AM  

dia kata could..
lagipun, maybe nih alasan supaya perempuan ISLAM berpakaian seperti ISLAM sikit..

bagus la tuh, usaha yg murni..

dia tak kata pakaian tuh sebab utama..

dia kata COULD, bukan WILL..

ape pun, tahniah sbb concern..
jarang org atasan concern ttg pmakaian pelajar..

bak kata pepatah:
kalau hitam pun boleh terbayang, inikan pula kaler merah..


nur iryani May 25, 2008 at 4:13 AM  

kak mun..tahniah atas segala usaha akk kerana sgt prihatin atas pemakaian pelajar sekolah.

Anak Perelih May 25, 2008 at 8:37 AM  

Do you ever wonder why at Motor Shows, sexily dressed girls are placed next to the exhibited cars? why girls wearing sexy dress are at the HP booth during PCFair??? Why girls in sexy clothes are in the electronic gadgets advertisements?.. why a contestant in Donald Trump's The Apprentice in one of the episode in one of its season 'lost' her skirt just to sell things so that her group will win... but actually was fired by Mr. Trump because of that...???? It's because... SEX SELLS... and girls in sexy clothes does attract boys.....

is there any research conducted on rapists in prisons that shows
1. sexy clothes is not one of the factors rapes cases happened?
2. or sexy clothes is one of the factors???

If there is no such research conducted.. then, we cannot claim either arguments... If there is.... than show it!!!... But all you commenters did was just being rhetoric about this.... giving only theories without supporting details...

HENG KK May 26, 2008 at 8:31 AM  

I am sad, really sad indeed, such an irrational perception from someone who is supposed to be so.....intellectual! Baseless, narrow and utter rubbish!

BoZaki May 27, 2008 at 7:15 AM  

Aku tak paham jenis lelaki macamana yang tengok budak sekolah perempuan puya uniform pun rasa seksi. Real bastard la kalau begitu.

There is no harm to change our national school uniform since maybe it is too old fashion wearing those white shirt, but blaming it for the causes of the increasing incidence is not appropriate. We should deal with the people that feel arouse even only looking to those shirt and not just dealing with the shirt itself. It is like find the root of the problem.

So, in my opinion, changing the color of the thickness of the cloth is not going to solve this problem. But changing it bring no harm and bring no negativity. So maybe we just change it and start thinking of other matter contributing to the increasing number of rape case. Berenang sambil minum air. Tak salah mencuba benda yang tak salah.




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